JPO » Junior Police Officers

Junior Police Officers

The JPOs help provide a safe environment for students and family members to cross the streets to our school.

They will also assist with drop off and pick-up of students at the curb.

They are also responsible for the raising and lowering of our flags.



Volunteer and Family Support

Through out the year there are a variety of JPO events that require Parent/Family Volunteers.We encourage family to come and support their JPO in their event.  If interested please contact the JPO Advisor.

Fundraising **SALES WILL BEGIN AUGUST 11th**

Ice Pops:

Ice Pops are sold Monday, Wednesday and Fridays after school for 25 cents each. 
Money raised is used to help pay for JPO equipment and functions.


Recycling donations will be accepted every Wednesday from 7:15am - 7:45am.  We will accept all beverage plastic bottles and cans only.

Helpful Tips:
  • Bottles and cans must be labeled with HI5 
  • Bottle caps need to be removed
  • Store bottles and cans in separate bags


Please place donation in back of truck with sign or place on the grass by the fence at the top of the schools driveway.