Device Returns

Watch our Device Return Video for instructions. 
Aloha Makakilo In-Person-Ohana,

If you have borrowed a school device and took it home, our Device Returns will start on May 17th. For those students who have in-person-class, they will be receiving a “Return Envelope” from their teachers. This envelope will have their names printed on it, a checklist, and a section with what they borrowed noted down.

When you get this envelope, please ensure that the name printed at the top is spelt correctly. Then slip all of your borrowed technology into the envelope and check off “Returned.” If anything is damaged or missing, please do NOT put payments in the envelope. Instead, go to the office to settle the fee.
5th Graders are expected to return their devices between 5/17 - 5/21. For other grades, please consult your teacher.
Aloha Makakilo DLO-Ohana,

If your student is in DLO, then Device returns will start on May 26th for you. 5th Graders in DLO, are asked to return their devices by May 28th. Other grade levels can return their technology by June 4th. DLO will not be receiving an envelope with checklist, unless they call the office to schedule a pickup time.