Makakilo Vision

The Vision of Makakilo Elementary School:

Makakilo Elementary School...a caring community of learners that promotes lifelong learning and success.


"Great event, fun with family and friends.  We LOVE this school!!!"


"Thank you for working hard for the students and parent!"


"Fun activity.  Had working staff and volunteers.  Activity went very smoothly."


"Thank you note to all Makakilo Elementary School staffs and members.  Soon we will depart your beautiful school.  Both of my sons will be heading to 6th grade and 3rd Grad win Kapolei area.

Since we moved to Oahu, HI and have our home in Makakilo our faith had bonded.  You and your team had provided many great experiences and lasting memories. Thank you for disciplines and positive reinforcements.  We are forever grateful.  From JPO daily encouraging presence, warm greeting from the Principal and school staffs, Student Services Counselor (SSC) teaching and assistance, after school parent pick-up teamwork, Special Ed involvement and dedication, ELL existence and cares, library enrichment, health room, meal services, special family events and more to list---these are all of what you had done so immensely for us.  Thank you so much for your kind watchful eyes and caring hearts.

See you all soon.